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by Daniel McRoberts 27 June, 2016

We have restocked our range so let's run another filament giveaway!

We have noticed that a lot of 3D printing websites have hilarious pictures of people "using" 3d printers. While we have a few pictures on our website, we thought it would be an excellent initiative to have some real 3D printing setups being used across Australia. Whether you have a messy or neat setup, we want to see how and where you do your 3D printing!

The giveaway will have two winners! 

Winner 1:  A participant will be picked at random and will receive 3KG of any regular PLA or ABS filament. 

Winner 2:  We will pick our top 5 favorite submissions, we will then run a poll to decide the winner! The winner will receive 6KG of any regular PLA or ABS filament.

Please fill out the form below to participate. 

Fill out my online form.

 Some things to note:

  • Don't compress or edit the raw image. 
  • Make sure there is an abundance of light when taking the photo.
  • Bonus points if our filament is the picture :D

If the picture is inappropriate or plagiarised, you will be disqualified. Poor quality images won't be accepted. You may enter more than once if you want to share more than one picture, however this will not increase your chances in the random draw. We will begin the poll for our top 5 on the 22nd of July. We will announce the winners on Friday the 29th July between 3 - 6pm on the Blueprinted  Facebook page

Daniel McRoberts
Daniel McRoberts

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