July 26, 2016

Thanks to everyone for their amazing pictures of their setups. We had to get in some friends and family to help refine the list to just 5 nominees! Have a look at the 5 excellent entries below!


Jason Milward - Orange Fox

Jason Milward

My printing station in the shed. Usually the spare spools are in plastic bags but they were taken out for this photo shoot.

Hugo Riveros - 3D Touch Machines

Hugo Riveros

My fantastic set up BUT at work because the wife cant stand the noise.

Here are my two trusted 3D touch machines. In the centre is my little tool box with everything I might need. There are little drill bits, screwdrivers, pliers, remote control for my lighting system for the 3D printers. I also have there spare parts, belts, printer heads etc. I also have funny stickers on the covers I made to keep the inside nice and toasty.
many kids come and visit our office and they are always drawn the the printers so the covers also prevent the kids from wanting to touch the stuff inside while printing.


Chris Studley - My Printer Setup

Chris Studley

My Creality CR-7 printer and of course awesome Blueprint3d filament :)


 Adrian Mallett - Pokemon for Childrens Hospital

Adrian Mallett

Army of Pokemon (Pikachu) getting printed to be taken to Lady Cilentos Childrens Hospital in Brisbane. Printing Totodile on Cocoon create filament(blue) and Charmander on blueprinted Red. Did have blueprinted in blue.. sorry. :(

With the craze of Pokemon Go, local facebook user needed some help from locals to print out different pokemon to take to the hospital.. doing my part, they do great things at that hospital.


Marcus Mckebery - Second Machine - Lounge Setup

Marcus Mckebery

I loved the first printer and wanted a second one. There is just enough space to squeeze it next to my home audio system and have two running simultaneously.


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