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by Daniel McRoberts 24 April, 2016

This page is relevant to customers who have purchased Blueprinted  PLA Translucent Orange Filament.

PLA Translucent Orange Specifications

Recommended extrude temperature for most printers 205C
- Bowden Drives should extruder at 200C. Too hot and you may experience oozing if your retraction settings aren't set correctly.

Recommended heat bed temperature: 50-75C. PLA Translucent Orange WILL print fine with no heated bed, just be sure to treat the surface and to ensure it's perfectly flat before printing.

Our Translucent Orange will shimmer once printed. You can achieve a matte finish by using ultra fine grade sand paper. For detailed objects, we recommend using steel wool and a moist cloth.

Transparent prints can be made more or less transparent depending on the infill settings (less infill = more transparent) and on layer height (higher layer height = more transparent). The banner picture has 3x prints with Transparent orange which are allhollow, but have different layer heights. From left to right the layer heights are 0.35, 0.15 and 0.25. One material with many different finishing options which are controlled from your slicer! Cool huh!

PLA Translucent Orange Quality Control

  • Due to it's low additives, it may be a little brittle compared to PLA+ materials.
  • Should be within 0.05+- tolerance. 
  • Should have excellent adhesion 
  • Extrudes free of bubbling or oozing

If you feel that our filament hasn't achieved our quality control out of the box, please contact us and we will arrange a refund.

PLA Translucent Orange PRINTS

PLA Transparent Orange Print


Please note the below is for references purposes, every printer is different and should be adjusted until excellent results are achieved.

Please comment any questions or suggestions for this page below!

Daniel McRoberts
Daniel McRoberts

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