May 06, 2016

The printer we used.

We conducted most of our PLA wiki tests using a stock Wanhao i3 Duplicator v1. This printer cost us $600 (July 2015) direct from Wanhao China. Out of the box it had a few issues. We fixed pretty much all of the flaws with a combo of replacement electronics and printed parts.

We wanted to demonstrate that regardless of the brand of printer, our PLA filament will work with minimal effort. We did not thoroughly clean the nozzle, re-level the bed in fact we did it all by eye. Essentially if this printer with the absolute minimum preparation efforts can produce great results, than most printers out there can too. We used 3M Blue tape, and replaced it only if the surface was damaged due to how well the filament was sticking.

What we printed.

We opted to print the PacMac ghost which can be downloaded on thingiverse. They demonstrated angling, crisp edges and round surfaces (and look pretty cool).  We printed all Ghosts with 3 skirts and 5% infill (in hindsight 0% infill would have been fine). 

This printer is for sale (June 2016) - $440 (in better condition than new). 


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