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by Daniel McRoberts 11 July, 2016


Polyamide (PA also known as Nylon) filament is a very useful material. It is highly durable and is flexible when thin therefore making it stronger than PLA and ABS. It is about the same level of difficulty as printing with ABS, so the same preparations are required.



Tensile strength (25 mm /min) - 72 MPa 
Elongation at break (25mm /min - 110%
Flexural stress (2mm /min) -  85 MPa
Density -  1.12 /cm³ 
Water absorption (24h @ 23ºC) - 3%
Approx. length / kg: 1.75mm - 375m | 2.85mm - 130m

 Download PA MSDS


PA filament is very hygroscopic meaning it will absorb moisture from thin air. Moisture can be removed by following our restoring process

Our high grade PA is available in a variety of colours.

We will continue to work on new colours and materials which will provide excellent results!

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Daniel McRoberts
Daniel McRoberts

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