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Filament Options

Kilogram Spools
  • Kilo spools come well packed in a vacuum sealed bag.
  • Backed by our 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Orders of 6 or more will come in a shipping box for added protection.


10 Meter Lengths (approx 25grams)
  • Lengths of ABS, ASA, PLA, HIPS, PETG, PC will be sent in continuous lengths (max 50 meters).
  • Lengths of PVA, TPU and PA will not be sent in continuous lengths (max 10 meters)
  • All filament lengths will come sealed in a vacuum bag.
  • The length has a tolerance of 20cm per 10 meter lengths.
  • A 10 meter length on average is about 40 grams. 
  • Excellent to test filament or for smaller print jobs.
  • If ordering a large amount of different lengths, dispatch can be delayed up to a day.
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Filament Options
Kilogram Spools


10 Meter Lengths (approx 25grams)