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Blueprinted CAD

About our CAD Workshops

Want to make your own products or engineering models but have no idea where to begin? Have you used a CAD program before and are looking for a refresher? Or maybe you own a 3D printer and are bored of just printing files from the internet. These workshops are for you!

Our 3D modelling workshops are practical, so you are required to BYO laptop (PC or Mac). Please note that these workshops are specifically for 3D CAD modelling, not mesh modelling. Learn more about the different types of 3D modelling. We take you through the very basics of CAD modelling and then move to more advance modelling techniques in subsequent workshops. You'll be able to model your own 3D objects after the first lesson! 


CAD Fundamentals #1

This workshop teaches skills using Onshape (a new and free web-based, cloud-storage, multi-user CAD program) as a platform to introduce the fundamentals of CAD modelling including creating shapes, applying and controlling dimensions and basic multi-part assembly.

These tools function the same in many popular CAD programs, including Fusion 360, Inventor and Solidworks so it wouldn't take much to apply the skills to another program if you for some reason don't like Onshape. You will also be shown how to correctly export parts for 3D printing or CNC milling.

For those who know the lingo, the tools we cover in this course include, Extrude, Cut, Dimension (smart dimension), basic sketching (rectangle, circle, line, etc), Round/Fillet, Chamfer, Mirroring Linear and circular patterns. You will also create multiple parts, and assembly files to learn about basic mating tools in CAD assemblies.


CAD Fundamentals #2

Once you've learned some fundamental CAD skills either through attending our CAD fundamentals #1 workshop or through another means, this workshop builds on basic prior knowledge in order to get you designing more detailed models.The focus is on creating complex drawings through advanced control of dimensions and sketch constraints.

The more complicated models in this workshop will introduce a variety of new tools, and have you learn more advanced techniques in using the tools which were introduced in CAD Fundamentals #1. These include more advanced methods of using Extruding, Chamfering, Patterning and Mirroring. The new tools introduced in this workshop include Revolve and Loft. You will also use more advanced sketch tools including trim, 3-point-arc, 3-point-circle, circular pattern in sketch, sketch fillet, offset, use/project and manual constraint application.

Blueprinted 3D Printing

About our 3D Printing Workshops

Our 3D Printing workshops are mostly demonstrations, so it's optional to bring a notepad or laptop. Please note that we will only be demonstrating desktop FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling). Learn more about the different types of 3D printing. We take you through the very basics of what 3D printing is and how it's used and then through more advanced functions of common printers and their software. You will definitely learn a thing or two after attending one of our 3D printing workshops.

Beginner 3D Printing

This will help you understand how and where 3D printing is relevant, a little bit of background to each of the types of 3D printers currently in the market. You will gain an understanding of how home/desktop 3D printers work, their current limitations, and learn what it takes to print something to determine if owning one is for you. We will introduce you to several websites which provide free models which can be downloaded and 3D printed.

We can also offer free advice on what printer would best suit your needs if you were considering purchasing one.



Intermediate 3D Printing

These workshops are suited to those who own or have access to a FDM 3D printer. You will learn to be more effective at 3D printing to save time, money and reduce print failures. We will take you through some of the advanced slicing software options explaining how each will affect the print.

3D Printing Meetups

These are ideal to get to know other members in the 3D printing community. Share some of your experiences and ideas. Troubleshoot your problems with others, or discuss more advanced 3D printing techniques.

The nature of these meetups will vary, so be sure to read the booking info before you commit to attending. Most of these 3D printing meetups are open for anyone to attend, however it is recommended that you own a 3D printer. Coffee, tea and some light snacks are provided. 

Blueprinted Workshops

Learn to 3D Print and Model

We are proud to offer free 3D CAD modelling and printing workshops to the public. Our mission is to educate the masses to drive Sydney's creative community forward. These workshops are ideal for any who have an interest in getting to know a little more about two highly innovative and engaging industries.  For your peace of mind, we aren't sponsored, partnered or certified by any of the 3rd party manufacturers or software companies we discuss in our workshops, so we won't be preaching for you to buy any of their products. We run our workshops with a relatively small group so that you can get the most out of it!

Our Location

Workshops are held in our workspace located at Unit 5, 45-51 Huntley Street, Alexandria, NSW (About 15 minutes walk from St Peters or Green Square train stations).  We host workshops generally on Saturday mornings depending on demand.

Booking In

As we mentioned, these are totally free to attend, so don't be shy and book in below! Just be sure to let us know if you can't make it as we run them in small groups. You can learn more about what you can expect from each workshop below!

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