Blueprinted was founded on the back of a driving ambition to cut an innovative and creative path for the 3D printing industry in this corner of the world.

We aspire to offer a trifecta of

Superior and dependable quality. We believe consistency is key to an excellent product. Whether you a prototyping or printing a cute low-poly Pokemon, our filament can always be counted on, the only limitation is your imagination!

Friendly service. We pride ourselves on providing prompt, professional and fair assistance to our customers as well as anyone curious about 3D printing. We want to be great ambassadors for the industry to make it more approachable for all! 

Affordability. We don't want cost to be the factor to shy anyone from taking a creative or innovative step with their 3D Printing ventures. By providing the highest quality filament, at the lowest price point we intend to eliminate the hesitation associated with 3D Printing! We also offer free delivery and returns to Australia and New Zealand.

We are inspired by the thought that our filament will go on to make something great for a better tomorrow!

Our Story

Blueprinted began May 2014 in Castle Hill, NSW. We started with a simple passion for the industry which was just starting to get its bearings. Many 3D printing patents had ended which created a boom for lower-cost 3D printers to enter the market. This was excellent news but hadn't come without its teething issues. Lower quality printers caused problems with support.

Originally we offered 3D printing services, 3D printer parts and filament. We quickly noticed that there were serious issues with the filament that was currently on the market. It was super expensive, inconsistent and lacked any form of support after purchase. We decided to solely focus on what was unknowingly a huge yet achievable challenge. To provide the best filament without sacrificing affordability to every region Australia and New Zealand wide.

Using our 2013 DIY Project Prusa Mendel i2 named Neptr, we sourced countless rolls of filament (NEPTR had a very interesting personality, to say the least). We developed our own improved mixtures to achieve better adhesion and consistency. Our original benchmark being that if NEPTR could print it, pretty much any printer could... 

Over the next two years, we would make many improvements to our growing range.

February 2016 we started Print3d, a facebook community group populated with an amazing array of Australian and New Zealand innovators and makers! 

March 2016, we finally moved out of the garage and into a larger workshop 314 Technology Way Bella Vista. Our mission stays the same. To cut an innovative and creative path for the 3D printing industry in this corner of the world.  

September 2016, we began running free 3D printing and modelling workshops for the public. Our goal was to help the public to learn a little more about this innovative and growing industry.

January 2017, we moved to a larger long-term workspace. Unit 5 45-51 Huntley Street, Alexandria. This has allowed us to focus less on moving, and more on driving our passion for this innovative industry.


Nicolas Procter - NP-Creative - WA

"I chose blueprint3d due to their amazing colour range. I was aprehensive at first, due to so many Sub standard filaments on the market. I have to say that these are some of the best I have ever used. Print clean on our Zortrax m200, even with the hotter nozzle temperature"

Phillip - Gravity 3D Printing - ACT

"At Gravity 3D Printing, we aim to print the best quality models for our customers. Unfortunately it is proving difficult to source high quality filament within Australia. We read about blue printed online and since then we solely use material from Blueprinted. It is pleasing to know that filament will always be high quality from this company. Unlike other "eBay" sellers it's always a gamble. 

Excellent quality, sticks better, curls and strings less. Highly recommend filament from Blueprinted!"

Benjamin Luck - Cyberpunk v2.0 - NSW

"Blueprinted filaments colours are always spot on with no discolouration or off colour issues. The filament prints well, with great flow onto the hotbed, with no clogging or bubbling. Bonding between layers is strong and has worked with with robotic parts we have printed. I have tried several other filament providers and found Blueprinted filaments are one of the best I have used. Professional 3D printing every time with these filament products."

Glen McClelland - GDM Design - NSW

"We have picked up the filament, but now ordering is free, it's better that way... keeps us of the roads and out of Sydney's traffic. The product is well rapped in plastic and cardboard and comes well protected and clearly labelled when you order various colours and types of filament. Value for money..."

Craig Lennard - Engineer & Innovator - NSW

"When I received my first ever spools of filament from Blueprinted, the label on the box was great to read.... "Warning: Contents may inspire innovation!" As an engineer and innovator myself, I knew I was dealing with a company that wanted to fulfill the intent of the DIY 3D printing market.Their supplied filament is top quality, when compared to a range of other filaments that I have used."

Luka B - Muscle Therapist - QLD

"The service was so professional and prompt I orderd multiple spools and a single faulty one was replaced so fast, Daniel made it a pleasure to become a loyal consumer."

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