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Excellent print quality with a coffee coloured finish!

ABS+ Dark Brown is vibrant in colour and an excellent printing material for more durable and functional prints.


Blueprinted ABS Plastics


Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is a staple polymer in professional additive manufacturing due to its consistency and high impact resistance. Yields excellent print results with minimal warping. Less susceptible to delamination during or after print completion. String and blog free extrusion. Well packaged with attention to detail. Compatible with most 3D printers which have a heated bed including the Zortrax M200, Up! and Flashforge printers.


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
1.75mm | 2.85mm (± 0.03mm)
Ext 230 - 280°C | Bed +100°C
Net Wt. 1 KG | Wt. Gross 1.4 KG
1 KG Spool Dia. 55mm |  200mm
3 KG Spool Dia. 35mm |  200mm


Tensile strength (25 mm /min) - 54 MPa 
Elongation at break (25mm /min - 25%
Flexural stress (2mm /min) -  77.5 MPa
Density - 1.05g/cm³
Approx. length / kg: 1.75mm - 396m | 2.85mm - 152m
Shrink rate: 1% for regular/glow variants. 0.8% for matte (Carbon)

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ABS is less brittle than PLA and melts at a higher temperature. It exhibits lower friction than PLA preventing extruder jams and clogging. Due to its nature, we recommend you don't use a layer fan to prevent warping. Also, consider keeping the surface area on the bed to a minimum and to enclose your 3D printer in a box to keep the warmth in. Our ABS filament has been tested to work with closed 3D printers such as the Zortrax m200 with great success.

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