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HIPS Blue Filament

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Durable prints with a ultramarine blue finish!

HIPS is an excellent alternative to ABS. It provides equally strong prints which yield a slightly less shiny finish. While ABS dissolves in acetone, HIPS dissolves in  limonene making it an excellent support option.

  • Yields excellent print results.
  • Rich ultramarine blue finish.
  • Compatible with most 3D printers which have a heated bed including the Zortrax M200 and Flashforge printers.
    Product Detail
    High Impact Polystyrene
    1.75mm | 2.85mm (± 0.03mm)
    Ext 230 - 250°C |  Bed +100°C
    Net Wt. 1 KG | Wt. Gross 1.4 KG
    Spool Dia. 55mm |  200mm 

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    Kilogram Spools


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