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PC+ Black Filament

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Super strong with a sold black finish!

Due to its capabilities, Blueprinted Black PC+ is an excellent material for a more specialised project.  PC+ has strong impact resistant (It's used in the making of bullet proof glass and compact discs), It can be bent and formed while cold without cracking or deforming. 

  • Yields excellent print results when used under the right conditions.
  • Solid black finish.
  • One of the strongest printable plastic materials.
  • PC+ has much less warping and shrinkage than regular PC.
  • Compatible with most 3D printers including Wanhao i3, Zortrax, Ultimakers and many more.
    Product Detail
    1.75mm | 2.85mm (± 0.03mm)
    Ext 220 - 260°C |  Bed +110°C
    Net Wt. 1 KG | Wt. Gross 1.4 KG
    Spool Dia. 55mm |  200mm 

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