Ultimaker 2 Extended+ Custom

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Ultimaker 2 Extended+ Custom

  • All the benefits and dependability of a Ultimaker 2 Extended+ PLUS more (learn more about the stock Ultimaker 2 Extended+ here)
  • 1.75MM Bondtech Feeder (super fast printing)
  • 1.75MM 3D Solex Matchless Hotend + Nozzles (0.3-2mm)
  • PC Front Cover
  • Frame Dampers
  • Well looked after. In full working order. A little over a year old.
  • Extras are easily worth over $1000 imported from the EU.
  • Tinker gnome marlin firmware installed (more optimised)
  • The original box and all the original 2.85mm parts included.
  • Will throw in 2 kg of PLA.

Free Postage to Australia


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